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Have you been told you have a great voice? Do you want to make money with your talent? Richard Sellers can help you get started in the exciting world of voice-over acting. Will work with you step-by step to develop your own unique voice. You’ll learn how to get started in the business and how to get work. Including how to record a great demo reel that will get you noticed. To begin Rick will meet with you one on one to better serve your needs. Then will begin our program based on seven critical points.
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You will receive a vocal evaluation to determine your strengths and weakness. You will record actual broadcast commercial copy just like a pro. I'll show you how to build an electronic press kit and head shot that will help you sell yourself. A professional resume is a must for potential clients and you’ll learn how to write one that will separate you from the ordinary. I’ll provide you with a list of leads in the business including e-mail address. I'll help you write a great original demo script tailored to you for maximum impact and results! And ultimately you will be at the microphone recording in a pro studio! You will soon be recording & editing your finished demo and be able to e-mail your mp3 audio demo reel to anyone in the business!
Get started now! Call today 1 216-577-1729 or e-mail Rick@RichardSellers.com to learn more.
Do you want to become a pro voice-over talent?