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Monica Olejko
Madison Hayes
Dan Conlin
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Connor O’brien
Hallie Talbot
Jack Talbot
Ellen Pill
Richard Sellers is a professional voice-over actor and audio producer. He is a master of mimic and is a working impressionist specializing in voice matching for more than twenty years. He is a proficient commercial narrator having voiced hundreds of Radio and Television commercials. In addition Richard is a voice/ casting director able to garner the very best performances from children to adult voice talent. Monica Olejko is a fifteen year veteran voice-over actor. She is a proficient character voice actor and commercial narrator as well as an exceptional vocalist. Monica is adept singing in multiple genres and styles. Monica can perform the lyrics strait as an arrow or in wide array of character voices. Madison Hayes is a singing prodigy. She has an exceptional vocal range and at 13 years of age has already been a working talent for nearly 4 years. She has recorded voice-over work including various songs for American Greetings, Blip Toys, Hasbro Toys and has recorded several children read along audio books for multiple publishers. Dan Conlin has a commanding powerful voice. He is an excellent character voice-over actor and is a very talented commercial narrator as well. Dan will always deliver just the right execution of any read. Jenny Grimsely  If you need a female character voice actor for any project you need look no further than Jenny. She has worked in the animation field in LA bringing character voices to life for many years. A bilingual talent fluent in German and French. She is in addition a talented vocalist comfortable in multiple styles. And she can deliver any commercial read effortlessly. Connor O'brien is a classically trained vocalist and actor who can sing in any musical style. His extensive stage work has made him a versatile character voice- over talent. He is also a gifted commercial narrator. Connor will always go the extra mile. Dan Folino is a professional stage actor and vocalist. He is also a talented character voice actor with a great ear for dialects. As a singing talent he is on par with the very best! Dan has a rich full voice and is a quick study. He has voiced both broadcast commercials and industrials. Tony Gialluca Tony is a twenty year professional voice-over talent and audio producer. A more solid execution you won’t find. He can deliver any read, from warm and friendly to the hard sell. He is in addition a skilled character voice-actor. Jakob Hamilton is a tremendously talented and versatile young actor. At nine years of age he is already a seasoned vet, having recorded voice work for both Hasbro Toys and American Greetings Corp. He is quite a gifted singer as well always ready to work and easily directed. Hallie Talbot is a very talented voice actor and an accomplished singer. Raised in a musical family both Hallie, seven and her big brother Jack eleven have recorded both character voices and have sung on multiple product for American Greetings Corp and Huron Hospital. Hallie is a joy to work with and easily directed. Jack Talbot is the son of local musician Phil Talbot of The Travelin’Johnson’s band. Growing up with his sister Hallie in a home where from birth music was the norm. Phil has done a fantastic job teaching both his children to sing. Jack has a terrific singing voice and has performed as numerous characters in broadcast and non broadcast productions. Ellen Pill has been a working actress and voice-over talent for more than two decades. She is a proficient character voice talent and copy writer as well. Ellen is a solid voice-over talent who can deliver your copy custom made to order. Commercial Demo Character Demo 1 Character Demo 2 Character Demo 3 Demo 1 Demo 2 Commercial Demo Character Demo Commercial Demo Music Demo Singing Demo Character Demo Commerical Demo Demo Demo Commerical Demo Seven year old Seth is talented beyond words. He's been a working voice actor for three years. Seth has voiced product for American Greetings, Step 2 Big Time Toys and more.
Seth Chapman
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