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Wes McCraw
Chief engineer Wes McCraw (a.k.a. the digital wizard) has enjoyed a diversified career in audio production. He has gained respect in the industry as a guitarist, producer, audio engineer, music composer, and sound designer. Wes's credits include music composition, audio production, recording and sound effect design for Hasbro Toys, American Greetings, Sesame Street, America Online, Yahoo.com, and PBS television. He is also credited for producing sound tracks for the hit MTV series "Undressed".
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About Us
Here are some samples of the licensed product we have produced audio for.
Transformers The Planet of The Apes Airplane! The Birdcage
Studio tools includes mic pre's, outboard gear and effects from industry standard names like Universal Audio, Focusrite, API, dbx,  and others. The microphone selection includes pieces from Neuman, Audio Technica, Blue, Shure, AKG, Rode and more. We also offer "phone patch" services to those producers, investors, and artists who would like to be there but can't. The "phone patch" makes it possible to offer input on a performance, communicate with everyone in the studio, and hear playback from a remote location in real-time via any standard cell phone or land line.